• Noise Canceling Earphones TNC350

Noise Canceling Earphones TNC350

Active noise canceling earphones
Model : TNC350

By using microphones & electronic circuitry (built inside earcups), which generationg an "Antinoise" sound wave, efficiently invert the captured external signal upside down, this results a destructive interference and cancels out the noise.
Medium size, closed back earcups design, help blocking sounds when in a noise environment, to hear a more clear sound.

Driver unit: 40mm


70 ohm +/- 20% (when the power is on)

40 ohm +/- 20% (when the power is off)


104dB +/- 3dB (when the power is on, at 1KHz)

100dB +/- 3dB (when the power is off, at 1KHz)

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz

Color: Silver

Max. Noise Reduction Level: Normally more than 16dB in 100~200Hz

Active Noise Reduction Range: 40Hz~1KHz


*Max. active noise reduction level: 16b @ 100~200Hz
*Great output 40mm driver unit with neodymium magnet
*Noise cancelling circuit powered by "AAA" battery x 1pc
*Comfortable earpads for long time wearing
*Single sided, detachable cable
*Storage gig bag, airline adaptor

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