• Instrument Microphone MIC712

Instrument Microphone MIC712

Instrument Microphone
Model : MIC712

Miniature condenser gooseneck microphone. The EM-712 miniature condenser instrument microphone delivers studio-quality sound for use with saxophone, trumpet, trombone and professional recording.

Type: Condenser

Sensitivity: -65dB +/- 3dB (0 dB=1V/µ bar, at 1KHz)

Impedance: Less than 2K ohm

Directivity: Hypercardioid

Frequency Response: 30Hz~17KHz

Standard operation Voltage: DC 9~52V

Net Weight: 180g +/- 20g

Color: Black


*Lightweight, compact.

*Simple to set-up and use.

*Can be connected with wireless systems.

*Hyper cardioid pick-up pattern provides the best gain-before-feedback.

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