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Boundary Microphone MBC7

Boundary Microphone
Model : MBC7

Feel the explicit beauty of artisitic design and perform with amazing persistence the microphones reveal the word "CONCENTO", the harmony of vocals and instruments.

Type: Condenser


1. Uni-directional

2. Omni-directional


1. Uni-directional: -58dB +/- 3dB (0 dB=1V/µ bar, at 1KHz)

2. Omni-directional: -60dB +/- 3dB (0 dB=1V/µ bar, at 1KHz)

Impedance: 3K3 ohm +/- 20%

Frequency Response: 50Hz~16KHz

Standard operation Voltage: DC 1.5V

Net Weight: 200g +/- 10g

Color: Black, White & Grey