• Headphone Accessories HA-02

Headphone Accessories HA-02

Headphone Amplifier
Model : HA-02

Power Requirement: DC 9V, 500mA

Connection: one input source either via 3.5mm jack or RCA phone jacks

Two output with individual volume control (3.5mm jack)

Improving sound quality with built in circuitry

S/N ratio: 60dB

Separation: 65dB


(Ohms) /THD/ Max. Power (mW)

1% 10% Max. output power

8 125mW 151mW 155mW

16 140mW 160mW 225mW

32 125mW 165mW 245mW

64 100mW 138mW 125mW

Rated power consumption: 30mA

Maximum power consumption: 210mA

Weight: 220g+/-5g

Color: Black


*Can be series connecting